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001 pic-Nsync

Fan poems

Visitor My five Wonderful Angel

 the second angel came to me in a dream to give  me spacial message from the heart his name was Justin third  angel came to sing me a heavenly song  from god his name was Jc  Two more angel appear to bring Love and Joy in my life again their name where Chris and Joey  The first angel to heal my broken heart and teach me how to love again his name was Lance  The five wonderful angel was a gift form god to me

Author : Chabela
You'll never love Me

I wake up and you are not there I realze it was a dream then trears start to run down my cheek All i see is hundred  pictures of you all on my wall  I  wish you where here  My world  started to fell a part Just because you will never love me  Just only in this lonely fans heart and dreams I might scream your name at every concert that
dosen't mean you'll love me I know that you'll never love me but you still have a special place in my heart You'll never feel my soft salt sexy lip againt yours Or see the flame that burns inside And a special love that only i could give to you. My world is dark and cold because  you'll never love me    Will you ever love me?        

    Author : Chabela      

     This poem i write for  nsyncer Justin Timberlake
 Are You A Dream  Came Ture

You're the dream love of my life a dream come ture. I'll give you my love for a lifetime  Everynight i dream you giving me a sweet kisses all night long Are you a dream come ture look in my eye and
say you love me and i'll be your for a million years You are on my mind 24/7 i can not stop thinking about you yes you are my draem guy I can not close my eyes for a minute or  a moment becuase you slip away form my heart Your Cruy hairy blue eyes and that voice drive my Insane why don't you free me for this pain i'm confuse show me the way to your heart You have the key to open mine

Author : Chabela      

This next poem is for  Nsyner (JC Chaesez)
Daydreaming Of Jc
Jc is the guy for me you're my world Come and fine if  you can Jc i'll be hold 3 dozen rose just for you  Why must I always daydream of Jc maybe  it's because i have a crush on the hottest Guy of Nsync Sit alone in my room and dream of our love that could be Why must  I daydreaming of a guy that will never be mines? I  'll never give up on my dreams you will  be this shygirl  honey Bee Yeah Always Came and sernity me with a special songJcI'll be saving a hundred kisses Just for you.
I really want to give Jc all those kisses
Author : Chabela      

This next poem has anyting to do with nsync but it's a great poem i write  and i thought i would post it on my site.

I only Live with your love

I can not stop thinking of what you would say if our eyes would meet at the same time will the world froze will have said you love that you only could say. Is There a way for you to fell in love with a Lady that think of you more then a nice guy my world is not the same when you walk it my lifeI might never can get you out of my mine I dream of you hold me in your arm a I'm nice and warm I feel so in love with you I'm not confuse of our love anymore and it like I'm on a island Just me and you and there nothing stop my love and mind and heart no one could come between me and dieing love and my heart can only belong to you a true love that i will hold 5 dozen rose Just for a sweet heart of a guy  you and say I love you  share a tear You will never let a cold hard tear fell form my cheek
You say if only on of my gold white tear hit the ground you heart will be broken in peaces. If fire touch my love for you will cry a million days Just to heal my burns love Your eyes turn cold when I'm sad an ice tear come form  your eye when I say you Never love that  pain we both feel every night and when we are not near each day I'm no longer when I look in your eye they tell me every thing I need to know. Pl ease never broke my heart I'll die a hundred times  for your love

Author : Chabela    
Though A Nsync fan eyes
even thought those eyes  many people and screaming girl see  hero thought those nsync eyes the words you sing mean the world to many of us fans. it goes deep in our stoles that have any way in have a impact on many of your fans do you know  how happy you made many of your fansthere many Nsync  fans have a million stores to tell in many words. form difference ways .. Nsync your words mean the world to see how much you love you fan meant some everyone and Many of  the great stories will never be told .. and you will  never my deep story. I would like to share with the boys of nsync . the deep tears will tell a story so in rich with Joy and happy an in-depth to my stole that  it would be so deep that i'll would cry . the reason is that you have touch my life in many way that i can tell them all . and i know that with nsync in my life until this day  i'll be a so girl  unhappy there have never been artist that ever touch my heart and life like nsync I dream of one day to tell nsync my deep heart story and meet the boy of nsync .. until then i'll wait and say thank you to nsync because they are my angles on earth and i think many of the true nsync fans feel the say way .. Thanks  thanks thanks  1000 x Justin Jc Lance Chris & Joey ..

Author : Chabela     

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