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001 pic-Nsync

The top ten Reason why Joey, Lance, Chris, and Jc doesn't live in my house anymore?

10) Jc, lance, Chris and Joey dissuade that seen that had millions of dollars Louie Pearlman is trying to them to the poor house. Now they could bye there owns house.

9) Joey could bring he hundreds of women's  to Justin house for a bootie call with the other guy walk in on him.

8) Chris Girlfriend didn't like living with 4 other guys.

7) Jc want a love life he could to get his Macon with the making  funny of his pick up lines.

6) lance want to horse back ride in the house and Justin would not let him.

 5) Jc, Lance, Joey and Chris want to live the single live my there self's. not with 4 other because are not getting all the action the want.

4) they got tied of Justin hair died all over the bathroom.

3) the tied of Justin say Yo YO YO what up?

2) They want to walk around naked a they couldn't do with the other guy and thinking they gay.

1) Justin say must get out my house now are I'll kill you.

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