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'Nsync's Bass One Step Closer To space: "I know I Can Do It'

"Let's just say the doctors know more about me than I know about me," Lance Bass told reporters convened for a press conference at Moscow's Savoy Hotel. For the last four months, the 'NSYNC star has endured a battery of physical examinations in the pursuit of becoming the next civilian in space (see " 'NSYNC's Lance Bass Plans To Leave Earth"). On Friday (May 31), he announced that he'd finally passed the medical component of qualifying for a seat on a Russian rocket mission this fall (see " 'NSYNC's Lance Bass In Moscow For Space Tests"). "With such a thorough physical, you're going to find things that you might need to take care of," Bass said, explaining an outpatient procedure he underwent earlier this month in Boston to correct an irregular heartbeat, his last obstacle before finishing his centrifuge and pressurized chamber tests (see "Lance Bass Continuing Space Tests In U.S."). "Even though that might not cause any problems in space, we wanted to check it out further, so I had a procedure, and it totally cured it . ... I was surprised it worked, because I was getting down, like, 'I'm not going to get to go.' " Though getting certified by the state medical commission was a major hurdle, it doesn't ensure a ticket to ride. "It's a gamble," Bass said. "I like to be positive. I'm an optimist, so I'm pretty confident that we will be able to pull this off. I know physically I can do it, I know mentally I can do it. We just have to work out the fine little details." Some of those little details include not-so-little matters of funding, since it costs $20 million for a civilian to join a cosmonaut crew and visit the International Space Station. But thanks to RadioShack, the first corporate sponsor to step up to the space plate, Bass has a down payment for the mission: one-fourth of the total cost. That gains the pop star entry to start training at Star City near Moscow next week. "I love Russia," Bass said, "and I definitely can live here for the rest of this year for this mission. I can't wait to." While training, Bass is determined to learn Russian, at least enough to be considered "quasi-fluent." He said he plans to start tutoring in a week. "I can't wait to learn a new language," he said. "It's going to be difficult, but I'm looking forward to it." Training alongside Bass will be his space tourist rival, Lori Garver, a former NASA official who has since become Bass' backup should he be unable to go. "The plan is, I would love to go up in October," Bass said, "and she'll go up in April," when the next scheduled Russian rocket would launch. (Soyuz rockets fly every six months to the ISS.) "I have learned so much from this lady in the last two weeks," Bass said of Garver. "We met in D.C. a month ago and I immediately loved her. She's so brilliant and is so dedicated to this project. ... She's like a human encyclopedia when it comes to space. And I definitely wouldn't have had so much fun without her being right there. We've had some good times here in Russia." While the two start training, they need to finalize their funding issues so that the Russian Space Agency can consider both of them as candidates. The Russian Space Agency said earlier this week that it hadn't received proposals from either Bass or Garver and cautioned that there would be little chance for either to complete the five months of required training before the next rocket launch on October 22, and that a cosmonaut not a space tourist would get the seat instead. "The Russian Space Agency has released a few things," Bass said, "and basically, that's because they're telling the truth. They have not gotten a formal proposal on it yet. And what can they say when they don't have anything in their hands? And that's what we're waiting on now. We had to get all our ducks in a row before we can submit a formal proposal, which is going out next week, I believe." Though he doesn't anticipate any problems with his candidacy, Bass acknowledged that there is no guarantee he'll get to blast off. "Nothing is certain, I think, with any mission," Bass said, "up to a week before it goes up, before they choose the final crew." Even if Bass were selected, his worries aren't over. The trip itself isn't without its dangers, and the insurance polices alone are overwhelming. Bass said that he remains undaunted and keeps his eye on what he could accomplish, were he granted the opportunity. Thus far, a camera crew has been documenting his physical examinations and procedures including the one for his irregular heartbeat for a proposed documentary/reality show to air on a network that has yet to be announced. Showing what testing and training entails, he said, could be educational as well as drum up interest in the space program. "Of course, there is danger in anything you do, and this is a dangerous thing," Bass said. "But when you're surrounded by so many incredible and brilliant people, down to the little nitpicky problems that might arise, they will know what to do. So I put my life in hundreds of people's hands. "I'm just excited about it," he continued. "Of course, I'm nervous about it. I will be very nervous the day of the launch, but it's more exciting to me. ... It takes guts to do what everyone here is doing. You feel like a pioneer in creating something new. I'm glad that we're actually bringing back interest in the space program. ... It makes me feel like a great spokesperson for the space program." To that end, Bass hopes to conduct scientific experiments aboard the ISS, as did previous space tourist Mark Shuttleworth in April, so that he can bring something back for kids to learn about in school. Though he hadn't determined what his focus would be just yet, he said he's interested in environmental studies and physics. "I've learned so much in the last three weeks here in Russia, things that I never knew existed: the difference between cosmonauts and astronauts and [between] NASA the Russian Space Agency," he said, "It's just amazing [to learn] how far they have gone and how advanced they are. I'm excited to bring that to television and to the public the way Russia works, the way America works and how we're all united now and finally sharing space together. That's a huge thing to show."

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NEWS - *NSYNC's Lance Bass Recovering From Minor Surgery

NSYNC singer Lance Bass recently underwent an outpatient "surgical procedure" to correct an irregular heartbeat, his publicist told Reuters on Thursday (May 16). The procedure was performed several weeks ago in order for the singer to be able to pass the intensive training required to become the world's first pop singer to take a Russian Soyuz rocket to the International Space Station. The surgery was an outpatient procedure and Bass is doing well. The singer's heart condition was "not even remotely life-threatening," Bass' publicist told Reuters. "It's something he had wanted to correct for a long time, but being that he's planning to go into space, it prompted him to move it up a bit." Destiny Productions in association with The William Morris Agency will develop a television special about the singer's Space Flight to be titled, Celebrity Mission: Lance Bass. The website lanceinspace.com has also been established to document the singer's training for the mission. In related news, an announcement is expected on Monday (May 20) regarding the on-sale date for tickets for *NSYNC's Challenge For The Children IV celebrity basketball tournament fundraiser. Tickets are tentatively scheduled to go on sale during the first week in June via Ticketmaster, and the event will take place in Orlando on July 27 and 28.

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NEWS - *NSYNC's Lance Bass Recovering From Minor Surgery

NSYNC singer Lance Bass recently underwent an outpatient "surgical procedure" to correct an irregular heartbeat, his publicist told Reuters on Thursday (May 16). The procedure was performed several weeks ago in order for the singer to be able to pass the intensive training required to become the world's first pop singer to take a Russian Soyuz rocket to the International Space Station. The surgery was an outpatient procedure and Bass is doing well. The singer's heart condition was "not even remotely life-threatening," Bass' publicist told Reuters. "It's something he had wanted to correct for a long time, but being that he's planning to go into space, it prompted him to move it up a bit." Destiny Productions in association with The William Morris Agency will develop a television special about the singer's Space Flight to be titled, Celebrity Mission: Lance Bass. The website lanceinspace.com has also been established to document the singer's training for the mission. In related news, an announcement is expected on Monday (May 20) regarding the on-sale date for tickets for *NSYNC's Challenge For The Children IV celebrity basketball tournament fundraiser. Tickets are tentatively scheduled to go on sale during the first week in June via Ticketmaster, and the event will take place in Orlando on July 27 and 28.

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'NSync's Lance Bass eyes seat on a Russian spacecraft

'NSync's Lance Bass is in talks with Russian authorities that could place the singer aboard a Soyuz rocket in November, Reuters reported: "The $25 million deal would include the right to film the 22-year-old teen idol in space for a television special, possibly including Bass singing, and would be partly funded from advertising deals with big brand sponsors based on planet earth." In a statement, Bass said, "I am completely overwhelmed at the invitation. I'm looking forward to completing this lifelong dream." from:

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'N Sync's Bass Moving Ahead With Space Journey

The space flight ambitions of 'N Sync's Lance Bass were given a boost Friday by electronics manufacturer Radio Shack, whose funds allowed the pop star to begin medical screening at Star City, Russia's Institute for Bio-Medical Problems. The tests will determine whether Bass has the physical capabilities to journey to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket. Further examinations would be required, as would approval from the Russian space agency, which told Interfax news agency today (March 25) that it has not yet received an official application from Bass. If Bass, 22, passes the screening, he will enter six months of cosmonaut training before boarding the rocket in Kazakhstan Oct. 22 for a 10-day journey to the ISS. As previously reported, the entire process is being filmed by sponsor Destiny Productions (in association with the William Morris Agency) for a planned television special, dubbed "Celebrity Mission: Lance Bass." Radio Shack and other corporate sponsors are financially supporting the endeavor. Jim McDonald, Radio Shack senior VP of marketing and advertising, said in a statement that the company's sponsorship of Bass is a logical extension of its space-related advertising program. Last year, the company filmed the first ISS-based television advertisement, which showed station commander Yuri Usachev receiving a Father's Day gift of a "talking picture frame" from his daughter, brought to the ISS via a Soyuz rocket. Last year, Dennis Tito became the first space tourist, blasting off on an eight-day trip to the 16-nation international space station for which he reportedly paid the Russian space agency $20 million. The next tourist to go into space will be South African Internet tycoon Mark Shuttleworth, who is scheduled to fly to the space station in April. Russian officials have not released the contract sum, but Shuttleworth said he would pay roughly the same amount as Tito plus some extra for conducting scientific experiments. Bass performs with 'N Sync tonight in Denver in the midst of the group's spring tour. He plans to finish out the current run of dates -- which close April 18 at Philadelphia's First Union Center -- before his six-month training window would begin.

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Nsync Join the Aginist Drugs

The Office Of National Drugs Control Policy (ONDCP) and the multi- platiunm Band NSYNC have Joined forces to help pervent Drug Use among the america's Youth. During Band's upcoming 2001 Pop Odyssey tour Nsync will unveil a new National Youth Anti-drug Compaign public Service announcement ( PSA) that freatured band . members talking about their anti - Drugs , The people and things that stand between them and drugs . The PSA will be shown at Nsync upcoming contert in 45 U.S. cities beginning May 23 . * Nsync also feature the Media Campaign PSA on the band off icial stie . www.nsync.com Acting ONDCP director Edward H. Jurith , Said , " there probably isn't any pop today more relevant to our early teen audicnce then Nsync . We think having them as apart of our yought anit - drug campaign team is really going raise the volume on our message to kids I congreatulate them on theie commitment to this effort." The National Youth Anti- Drug Media Campaign Is and most Compreensive public Health media campaign ever undertaken by Federal Government ONDCP conduct the campaign with key support form the Partnership for durg free America Congess authorized a Five - year multi-media campaign designed to educate and enable America's youth to reject illegal drugs. The Campaign targets Yougth ages 11- 18 , But fouses espeically on vulnerable "tween' audience age 11- 14. The "My anti Drug" Message is part of a nationwide advertising within the campain that reached millinons of target - age children since it was lauched late last year

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'NSYNC Tour Opener: Dirty Pop And Matching Chaps
'NSYNC have found themselves in a pickle. The group's forthcoming album, Celebrity, has been shelved until mid summer. The Backstreet Boys' most recent record, a bellwether for Celebrity if ever there was one, wasn't quite the huge success the Boys' previous two were, causing some observers to even decree teen pop dead. And come to think of it, no one in 'NSYNC is even a teen any more. What's a boy band to do? Well, creating the largest musical production in concert history is one solution. The PopOdyssey Tour began Wednesday in Jacksonville's Alltel Stadium with a video montage chronicling the history of 'NSYNC to date: here's how they met, here's how they started, here's how they sued for control of their careers and here's how they became celebrities. After the video, the five song-and-dance superstars emerged from a translucent pod at the center of the stadium. From there they pranced down a catwalk and ascended their stage, a metallic fortress replete with video screens, conveyor belts and elevators. They opened with "Pop," the first single from Celebrity. It's the latest in a long line of 'NSYNC rave-ups, noteworthy for a couple of reasons. Fans call the song "Dirty Pop," in reference to the much-repeated refrain. Thing is, it's no dirtier than many of the old, vaguely suggestive 'NSYNC songs. By keeping the word "dirty" out of the title, the song stays parent-friendly, but by keeping the word "dirty" in the lyrics, it makes the group seem edgier, even if it's not. A nice example of having it both ways. "Pop" also represents Justin Timberlake's unofficial ascension to group leader. In addition to singing all the verses, he remained the focal point for 'NSYNC's high-concept dance choreography throughout the song. Come to think of it, he was center-stage throughout just about every song. He's always been a fan favorite, but it looks like his bandmates are finally giving him a larger share of the spotlight.

After "Pop" came a brisk spin through "Tearin' Up My Heart," and soon after that member Lance Bass addressed the crowd. "Tonight is very special for us," he said, "because you're going to get to hear most of our upcoming album, Celebrity, before anyone else in the world." And with that, they dove into ..."God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You," from their 1998 debut album. Later in the show the band actually did reveal some of Celebrity, to the shrill delight of the young female audience. The songs tend to borrow from the accessible end of electronica, co-opting the basic principles of two-step or drum and bass, then sanitizing them and making them a little more pop-friendly. They're certainly catchy this is 'NSYNC we're talking about and the audience loved them, a good sign for the folks back at Jive. The show featured a number of costume changes, presumably intended to represent the different faces of celebrity. The band became everything from Prohibition-era dandies to cowboys in matching chaps. During "Space Cowboy (Yippie-Yi-Yay)," the guys rode five silver mechanical bulls, which lovingly bucked them as they waved their arms above their heads. Afterward, it was hard to tell whether member Chris Kirkpatrick was kidding when he ripped off his chaps and said, "These are the most ridiculous things I've ever seen in my life."

Every so often, another video would roll. Once it was a silent film parody, another time it was JC fighting with his gold-digging girlfriend. And at various points fireworks exploded, smoke poured, lasers flashed and 'NSYNC glided across the stadium on a rip cord.Part commentary on fame, part multimedia indulgence, the concert certainly proved 'NSYNC's resolve. They're not ready to quit, and they're determined to turn their third record into a hit. By the time the tour is over, we'll know if they succeeded.

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*NSYNC... Phone Home: The Game!

*NYSNC Phone Home... Or At Least In A Computer Game There are those in this country who would love nothing more than to find themselves trapped in a kissing booth with Justin Timberlake, uber-boy of uber-boy-band, *NSYNC. And then there are those who just want to knock him over. Both are about to get their chance. Stunt Puppy Entertainment is unleashing a computer game of the Fab Five (the aforementioned Justin, along with bandmates JC, Lance, Chris and Joey) onto the unsuspecting masses. To make matters more intriguing, however, is the accessory that the game will be packaged with: a plastic (and no doubt, brightly-coloured) telephone. Debuting the *NSYNC Hotline Fantasy Phone and CD-ROM at last week's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, the developers revealed that the Fantasy Phone is plugged into a computer's port and acts as a controller joystick for the various games. These include five short mini-quests: a memory game, a mimic challenge, a trivia face-off, a cryptic "kissing booth" scenario and a chance to knock over pins with the boys' faces using a giant bowling ball. If you win each level, you gain access to 'virtual' autographed backstage passes, personal photos and a video message. And, best of all, when the phone isn't plugged into your computer, it will apparently periodically ring you up with text messages and sound bites from the boys. Want to have a direct line to (the pre-recorded voice of) Lance? Now you can. For those who already feel their heart growing faint, the PC version of the game should be in stores by September, making it the perfect back-to-school gift for someone you love. Or hate. But *NSYNC, of course, are far from being music pioneers when it comes to home video games. Wu Tang have a fighting game, Spice Girls have a PlayStation disc, and Aerosmith lent their collective creative genius to a stand-up arcade shoot-em-up that featured copious amounts of guns and tanks and Steven Tyler.

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'N Sync's new single ready to 'Pop'

NEW YORK (Billboard) - "Pop," the first single from boy band 'N Sync's forthcoming Jive album, "Celebrity," will be available Tuesday to U.S. radio stations via satellite. Co-written by the group's Justin Timberlake with Wade Robson, the track was produced by the duo with BT. MTV previewed the video for the track Thursday during "Total Request Live," and then on May 28, the music network will debut the clip on the behind-the-scenes show "Making The Video." MTV also has an 'N Sync weekend planned for July 21-22. Due out July 24, "Celebrity" is the follow-up to the band's 2000 album "No Strings Attached." That set has been certified by the Recording Industry Association of America for U.S. shipments of 10 million copies, earning the group a diamond award from the organization. As previously reported, 'N Sync will kick off a stadium tour in advance of the new album's release. The run is due to start May 23 at the Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, Fla., and wrap Aug. 24 at the Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium in Jackson, Miss.

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NSync, Aerosmith To Play Super Bowl

Pop and rock bands join superstar lineup that includes Backstreet Boys singing national anthem. Rob Kemp reports: Rock and Roll Hall of Famers-elect Aerosmith and boy band 'NSync who become eligible for the Hall in 2023 will meet at halftime of the Super Bowl. The two all-male quintets from different generations were announced Monday (December 18) as the halftime entertainment for what is traditionally the most-watched television show of the year. Super Bowl XXXV is scheduled for January 28 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. It will be broadcast on CBS, and the halftime show will be co-produced by MTV. (Sonicnet's parent company, Viacom, also owns CBS and MTV.) 'NSync will find themselves on a broadcast that already has their arch-rivals, the Backstreet Boys, singing the national anthem before kickoff. The Backstreet Boys' participation, along with R&B/jazz singer Ray Charles, who will sing "America the Beautiful," was announced last week. Publicists for 'NSync and Aerosmith said Monday they do not yet know what exactly the bands will do during the halftime celebration. "Everything's still being ironed out," Aerosmith's rep, Marcee Rondan, said. The Boston band, nearing completion of its first album since 1997's Nine Lives, will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March. 'NSync said earlier this month that they would begin recording their fourth album in January. The 2000 Super Bowl halftime show featured a duet between pop singers Christina Aguilera and Enrique Iglesias, as well as performances from Phil Collins and Toni Braxton.

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'NSync, Britney, Backstreet Boys Ruled In 2000

Other success stories for the year include Eminem, Garth Brooks, Nelly, Destiny's Child, Creed, Eagles, Beatles. Joe D'Angelo reports: The Recording Industry Association of America announced its year-end certifications, and to no one's surprise, teen pop racked up the most sales in 2000. More specifically, teen pop released by Jive Records - home to best-sellers 'NSync, Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys - accounted for nearly 31 million of the genre's total units sold. The RIAA tabulates in terms of units, not actual albums, so a double album counts as two units, a four-CD box set as four units, and so forth. When factoring in totals by other Jive artists - R. Kelly (1.5 million), Mystikal (1.2 million), and Aaron Carter (more than 750,000), among others - the label's total units sold rises to almost 40 million. Forty million records in singel Years For Independ ladel is astoundir Hilary Rosen, RIAA president CEO "What else can you say about the success of Jive?" RIAA president and CEO Hilary Rosen said in a statement. "Forty million records in a single year for an independent label is astounding and is a testament to both their marketing savvy and true understanding of their audience." 'NSync's Jive debut, No Strings Attached, was the best-selling album of the year, having gone 10-times platinum since its release in March. The album gave the group its second consecutive diamond award, an honor presented to albums selling more than 10 million units. 'NSync's 1998 self-titled debut reached the 10 million mark in January. Oops! ... Britney Did It Again Teen phenomenon Spears scored her second multimillion seller this year, as her sophomore album, Oops! ... I Did It Again, was certified eight-times platinum. Her debut, ... Baby One More Time, moved an additional 3 million copies in 2000, bringing Spears' short discography to a whopping 21 million albums sold. One of this year's more recent releases, Black & Blue, the third album by the Backstreet Boys, certified more than 8 million copies, while the group's 1996 self-titled debut and 1999's Millennium each added another million to their respective tallies. While those numbers seem steep, they pale in comparison to a band whose youngest member is more than twice the age of any teen popper. The Beatles, 30 years after they disbanded, were recognized as the highest certified artists of 2000, thanks to the five-times platinum award presented to the Fab Four's latest release, The Beatles 1, and eight catalog albums released by Capitol that together certify upwards of 18 million units shipped to retail. All told, the Beatles have moved more than 156 million units in the U.S. alone. The second-best-selling album of 2000, and best-selling album by a Latin artist, Santana's Supernatural, continues its rise at retail, moving another 8 million units in 2000. This brings the album's two-year certified total to 13 million. Also, the singles "Smooth" (RealAudio excerpt) and "Maria, Maria" were certified platinum, marking the first time the guitar virtuoso earned any certified singles. Third place in the certified album race goes to Eminem, whose Marshall Mathers LP also was recognized as the top hip-hop album, with a seven-times platinum award. Slim Shady's mentor, Dr. Dre, finished 2000 with his album Dr. Dre 2001 certified six-times platinum. Creed Mold Human Clay Into Platinum Creed unloaded 6 million copies of Human Clay in 2000 to certify the band's second album as eight-times platinum. Meanwhile, the Orlando, Florida, rockers' 1997 debut, My Own Prison, tacked another million to its existing total, bringing it up to 5 million units shipped. St. Louis rapper Nelly's Country Grammar earned the distinction of the most successful debut, with a five-times platinum certification. No doubt in part to its awards-show successes and omnipresent single, "Say My Name," Destiny's Child shipped 5 million more copies of their sophomore album, The Writing's on the Wall, upping that album's total to 6 million since its release last year. Two of country's hottest female acts, the Dixie Chicks and Faith Hill, saw their respective albums, Fly and Breathe, reach five-times platinum status. The tie endured on the singles front as well, with Hill's "Breathe" (RealAudio excerpt) and the Chicks' "Goodbye Earl" each receiving gold certifications. Wide Open Spaces, the 1998 debut album by the Dixie Chicks, earned the ladies diamond-award status. But no country artist compares with Garth Brooks, whose Double Live album's certified 13 million units made him the top-selling artist of the '90s, the first solo artist to ship 100 million units, and the fastest-selling artist in music history. The best-selling record of all time, however, once again goes to the Eagles' Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975, which regained the top spot with 27 million certified, after topping Michael Jackson's Thriller in November. For a complete list of the 340 gold, 179 platinum and 255 multiplatinum certifications doled out by the RIAA in 2000, visit www.riaa.com.

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'NSync To Hit Studio In January

Joey Fatone says group hopes to work with She'kspere, Richard Marx again. Teri vanHorn reports: LAS VEGAS - 'NSync will head into a Florida studio in January to begin experimenting with new music for their fourth album, the group said Tuesday."We're going to spend January and February in there and see what we can come up with," member Justin Timberlake said on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards.'NSync plan to work primarily in their Florida homeland but may move out of state as the project progresses, Joey Fatone said.Though the members of 'NSync vow to do more songwriting and producing this time around, they said they hope to team up again with No Strings Attached collaborators She'kspere and Richard Marx. She'kspere produced "It Makes Me Ill," while Marx wrote and produced "This I Promise You," which recently peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. "We're going to spend January and February in there and see what we can come up with." - 'NSync's Justin Timberlake "Just being in the studio with Richard Marx was such a cool feeling, 'cause he's someone I listened to when I was younger and looked up to," Fatone said.Timberlake said the group isn't sure whether it'll release a fourth single from March's No Strings Attached, which is certified 10 times platinum.In other 'NSync news, Timberlake recently joined Brian McKnight for a duet on "My Kinda Girl," a track on the R&B crooner's next album, due in the spring."He's easy," McKnight told reporters at Tuesday's awards show. "Exactly how you see him on TV - that's exactly how he is for real. He wants to give to everybody. He's not one of these guys who's so successful that he knows everything. He still wants to learn; he still wants to absorb everything. I think he's going to be around for a very, very long time."The as-yet-untitled LP will be McKnight's first to feature guest artists; Stevie Wonder also makes an appearance.

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'NSync Fan's Suit Claims Timberlake Verbally Assaulted Her

15-year-old says pop superstar berated her in hotel room after she yelled 'I like JC better.' Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen reports: An 'NSync fan has filed suit against group member Justin Timberlake, alleging that he harassed and verbally assaulted her. Danielle McGuire, 15, filed suit December 18 in a circuit court in St. Louis, Missouri, charging Timberlake with false imprisonment of a minor and intentional infliction of emotional distress, according to her lawyer, John Wallach. McGuire also charges a security guard with assault and battery in the suit, which stems from an alleged incident at a St. Louis hotel where the band was staying after a November 19 concert. He was right in her saying thing s over and over again ." lawyer " John Wallach McGuire says that after the show, she and dozens of fans waited inside the lobby of the Chase Park Plaza hotel. When 'NSync arrived, each group member save for Timberlake talked with members of the crowd before entering elevators to go to their rooms, Wallach said. After being snubbed by Timberlake, McGuire yelled out, "I like JC better anyway, he's cuter," referring to group member Joshua "JC" Chasez. Wallach said that a security guard for the group emerged from an elevator and asked McGuire if she was the one who made the comment. When she said she was, the security guard told her to come with him, there was some physical contact, and the two went upstairs, Wallach said. McGuire asked if she could tell her mother, but the guard refused to let her, Wallach said. When they got upstairs, Timberlake backed McGuire against a wall and began berating her for what she said, the suit alleges. "[McGuire] said he went on and on, and wouldn't stop," Wallach said. "He was right in her face, saying things over and over again." In the meantime, Wallach said, a friend of McGuire's went to alert her mother, who had brought the girls to the hotel. Security wouldn't let McGuire's mother upstairs, but allowed a family friend, KSDK news anchor Randy Jackson, to go get her. Jackson told Wallach that when he got upstairs, Timberlake was yelling at McGuire. When Timberlake saw the newsman, he limped off, saying that his leg hurt, Wallach alleges. "We tried to resolve this quietly," Wallach said. "But 'NSync's lawyer told me they weren't interested." A jury will determine damages in the suit if and when it goes to court. 'NSync's lawyer and record label did not return phone calls. The suit also names the other members of 'NSync as a partnership, as well as the group's management company and Chase Park Plaza Limited Partnership. Wallach said that the group and management company are attached to the suit because they may be the employers of the security guards. The suit alleges that the hotel allowed the group and its management to take control of the lobby and members of the public. Hotel lawyers were unavailable at press time. 12/24/00


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'NSync To Offer Exclusive Content To Fans Via Internet Service

Partnership with MSN will provide online access along with newsletters, photos, videos. Brian Hiatt reports: Diehard 'NSync fans who aren't satisfied with owning the group's albums, concert tickets, T-shirts and dolls can now get a little closer to the boy band by signing up for 'NSync-style Internet access.In collaboration with Microsoft's MSN, the group will launch 'NSync@MSN, a specially branded online service, on Friday. In addition to e-mail and Web access, the $21.95-a-month service promises access to exclusive newsletters, photos and video footage."We use the Internet not only as a tool to communicate with our families while on the road but to allow us to reach out to our fans in yet another way," 'NSync's Lance Bass said in a statement. "We are very excited about this venture with MSN." The service will also include 'NSync-branded versions of Microsoft's MSN Messenger and Windows Media Player software.Several sports teams and at least one other music artist, David Bowie, have offered specially branded Net access before.Aram Sinnreich, an online-music analyst with Jupiter Communications, said that such arrangements will become increasingly common in the future."I think it really makes sense as part of a larger, integrated subscription relationship between a consumer and artist," Sinnreich said. "You'll have the ability to bundle in digital music and exclusive content with Net access. It's a great way to keep the artist's name in front of the user's eyes."In another online move, 'NSync will put a private concert up for bids on Friday at LiveBid. The auction, which will be featured on the December 7 Fox television special "The Ultimate Auction," will benefit the group's charity, Challenge for the Children

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Puppet Makers Sue 'NSync

Sid & Marty Krofft Pictures claiming copyright infringement over use of puppets company made for boy band. Teri vanHorn reports: Sid & Marty Krofft Pictures is suing 'NSync for copyright infringement and breach of "implied-in-fact" contract over their alleged use of images of puppets Marty Krofft made for the group.The suit, filed in U.S. District Court, Central District of California, on Tuesday, names the five members of 'NSync as defendants, along with group manager Johnny Wright, his Wright Entertainment Group, merchandise consultant Rick Barlowe, Winterland Concessions Company and Winterland Productions, Ltd. "When we contacted [the defendants for payment], we were told we were not entitled to anything. All we want is our fair share." - Bruce Isaacs, Krofft lawyer The boy band contracted Krofft to make 25-foot puppets of each of the 'NSync members for their performance of "Bye, Bye, Bye" at the American Music Awards in January. Sid & Marty Krofft Pictures, Inc., is the creator of such classic children's television programs as "H.R. Pufnstuf," "Land of the Lost" and "The Bugaloos."The suit alleges that Wright orally agreed to pay Krofft if 'NSync produced any merchandise related to the puppets but claims the defendants did not follow through on the agreement. The merchandise cited in the suit includes an image of the puppets on 'NSync's souvenir program and an image on a souvenir backstage pass laminate sold at concerts, as well as any other related material that "may" exist. Krofft also asks that 'NSync compensate him for their popular marionettes sold at toy stores, claiming they were inspired by his creative efforts.Krofft recorded the copyright registrations for the puppets in July, which gave him the exclusive rights for their use, with the exception of their AMA debut, the suit states."[Wright] promised that if they made any merchandise [from the puppets], or what we call derivative work, they would pay," Krofft lawyer Bruce Isaacs said Wednesday (November 29). "But when we contacted [the defendants for payment], we were told we were not entitled to anything.""All we want is our fair share," he said.The suit asks for actual and statutory damages, lawyers' fees and a "reasonable royalty of at least 10 percent" of monies received from sales of the merchandise.*NSync's Jive Records spokesperson could not be reached for comment by press time.

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NSync Plan To Pull Own Strings On Next Album

Members say they'll have more say in redefining their sound. Senior Writer Brian Hiatt reports: *NSync plan to have even fewer strings attached on their next album, which the pop group will begin recording soon after its tour ends in December.The new album, due next summer, will find the members of *NSync crafting their own sound on a number of tracks, while also employing some of the leading R&B and hip-hop producers of the moment, according to the group and its label, Jive."This one, we're definitely gonna produce more of it," group member Lance Bass said Monday. "We've been talking about maybe getting with She'kspere again, [as well as] Timbaland, Missy [Elliott] - even Richard Marx would be great to work with again." "I just think we have to get creative again, you know, and reinvent ourselves, come out with a new style." - J.C. Chasez, *Nsync member Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs, who has worked with Pink and Mariah Carey, among other acts, produced the track "It Makes Me Ill" on *NSync's nine-times platinum No Strings Attached, which also includes the hits "Bye Bye Bye" and "It's Gonna Be Me."Eighties pop star Marx, meanwhile, wrote and produced the hit ballad "This I Promise You," which NSync have said they plan to re-record in a country version.*NSync, who added harder-hitting R&B to their pop sound on No Strings Attached, hope to further evolve on their next release."I just think we have to get creative again, you know, and reinvent ourselves, come out with a new style," group member J.C. Chasez said. "So that's kind of what we're going to be - you know, after this tour, we'll have to kind of clear our minds of this stuff and really come up with something, you know, different and innovative." "It's hard to say where the music's gonna go," singer Justin Timberlake said. "I think we found our sound this year, so hopefully we can grow with our audience."In the meantime, *NSync will kick off the final leg of the No Strings Attached tour on Oct. 17 in Charlotte, N.C.The tour's opening acts are expected to include Bahamian pop group Baha Men - whose hit "Who Let the Dogs Out" continues to flood the nation's airwaves - as well as the pop acts Dream and soulDecision.

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Spears confirms relationship with 'N Sync singer

Britney Spears has ended months of speculation by confirming her relationship with 'N Sync singer Justin Timberlake in an interview for the October issue of Elle magazine. "When you're really comfortable with someone you love, the silence is the best," said Spears. "When we're in a room together, we don't have to say anything. It's for real." The 18-year-old singer said she and Timberlake enjoyed rumors last month that the couple was engaged. "I told Justin during my show I would wear a big ring just to keep people talking," she quipped.

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*NSync Headed For The 10

Million Mark Again Boy band poised to win second RIAA Diamond Award this year as third LP is certified nine-times platinum. Senior Writer Teri vanHorn reports: *NSync have shipped 9 million copies of their their album, No Strings Attached, since its release five months ago, according to the Recording Industr Association of America.The RIAA designated the album nine-times platinum in its August certifications, which also saw fellow popstars Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears achieve multiplatinum gains. Aguilera's 1999 self-titled debut reached the 7 million mark, while Spears' second album, this year's Oops I Did It Again, was certified at 6 million. If *NSync's No Strings Attached carries on its sales success, the red-hot LP could give the boy band its second Diamond Award, commemorating sales of 10 million, this year. The quintet's first album, *NSync, hit that mark in January. *NSync also have a holiday LP, Home for Christmas, that is certified doubleplatinum. Additionally, the second single from No Strings Attached, "It's Gonna Be Me" was certified gold last month. The RIAA's certifications recognize the number of records that have been shipped to retail outlets. No StringsAttached has sold 7.7 million units to date, while *NSync has sold 8.2 million, according to SoundScan. Those figuresdo not include sales for the past week, which will be released on Wednesday (Sept. 6). Also among the trade group's August certifications were rapper Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP, at 6 million, and DMX's And Then There Was X, at 4 million. Hip-hop newcomer Nelly received his first gold, platinum and multiplatinum certifications for his debut album, Country Grammar. Lil' Kim's second album, Notorious K.I.M., also was certified gold and platinum.